Email Best Practices

The Best Techniques For Building Your Email List


Email marketing is always a hot topic. It’s the best way to grab your ideal customers attention and turn prospects into customers. Teach your audience the best strategies for building your email list. 

ecoverThe Best Techniques For Building Your Email List (2,800 words)

  • Use Opt-in Forms
  • Create Hub Pages For Your Best Content
  • Quality Content On Your Website
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Offer Free Downloads
  • Feature Guest Posts
  • Maximize Newsletter Engagement Rates
  • Offer More Free Stuff
  • Be Clear About Your Offers
  • Avoid Spam Triggers
  • Avoid the Ignore Triggers
  • Spice up Your Emails
  • The Most Important Metrics
  • Segmentation
  • Word of Mouth
  • Use Offline Marketing Channels
  • Partnerships Can Help!
  • Cross-Platform Opt-In Promotion


Bonus Report:
ecoverA Guide To Marketing A Retail Store Online (2,200 words)

  • Why a Brick and Mortar Store Needs an Online Presence
  • Have a Clear Call to Action
  • Start a Blog
  • Mobile Marketing Is Your Strongest Weapon
  • Make It Easy For People To Contact Or Find You
  • Use Online Directories and Local Listing Websites
  • Get Reviews
  • The Power of Other Social Networks
  • Building Your Own Website