How To Use PLR Articles Effectively

If you’ve been marketing online for any length of time you have no doubt encountered Private Label Rights or PLR articles. They can be found all over the web and if used right they can provide fresh content for many website owners.  Because the same articles are sold to many other people, it is not a good idea to use them as is.  Although they cannot be published without revision, it does not mean that they are worthless.  All you have to do is determine how to use PLR articles effectively.

In general, many PLR articles are dry and lack creativity.  They are churned out by the thousands with very little regard for quality.  These articles may be full of misspellings and typos.  Before using a PLR article, go over it prior to publishing it on your site.  If you plan on reselling or giving it away, make sure to proofread and edit it first.

The secret to using PLR articles effectively is to make them worthwhile for your potential customers to read.  Add new information, improve the writing style, and take out the bad stuff.

Use PLR articles as a starting point for a fresh article.  You may be able to add valuable information to the original article.  This way, you will have a new, unique article that you can publish as your own.  Adding new information will also make the article longer.  Most PLR articles are too short to be published anyway.

To get the most out of PLR articles, you can personalize the article.  Rewrite it from your own perspective and provide accurate and interesting information.  Show that you know what you are talking about.  You can add personal examples and anecdotes to make your article come alive.  Be sure to put in keywords that will rank high with search engines.

There is also a smart way to use PLR articles effectively without rewriting them.  You can use them to build your email lists and to build traffic.  Compile the PLR articles into a single PDF report with a suitable e-cover and squeeze page.  Be sure to include your bio and links in the report.  Use blogs, social media and article marketing to get prospects to your squeeze page so they can get the report.  In return, you get the marketing leads for your email lists.

With just a little creativity, you will be able to use the PLR articles more effectively.  Use the material for Adsense sites and to promote an eBay store.  You can also rewrite the articles to create a HubPage or Squidoo Lenses.  Generic niche articles can be transformed into a different niches by swapping keywords.  You can even use the PLR article and transform it into a press release.

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